Can A Chiropractor Help With Bad Posture?

Can a chiropractor help with bad posture - A woman using a computer at a table with bad posture.

After two years of frequent lockdowns and extensive work from home schedules, one starts to realise a nagging problem: All that hunched over screen time is causing some serious, constant back pain!

How can we fix that? By getting help with adjusting our posture!

But can a chiropractor help with bad posture?

As we bring ourselves out of our pandemic bubbles, it’s more important than ever to make sure our backs are straight and our bodies ready to take on the world again. Who better to help than a professional who specialises in skeletal alignments?

The Importance of Good Posture

“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.”
– Morihei Ueshiba, Athlete

The outward benefits of good posture are easy to see: We stand tall, look confident, and generally seem healthier to others.

Good posture does have many hidden benefits, hidden mostly because these are long term and are often felt, not seen.

Reduced wear and tear on muscles, joints, and ligaments

Our bodies are built to be as efficient as possible, allowing us a full range of movement with padding in our joints that keeps us flexible.

Bad posture can lead to accelerated wear on the padding – much like overabused brake pads, it leads to early onset joint pain and mobility issues.

Increased energy (by conserving it)

By reducing the strain on our joints with good posture, our bodies move more fluidly and therefore conserve a lot of energy that we often don’t notice is being used.

That’s one reason why limber athletes move with such grace and power!

Reduced back pain and risk of back injury

I think we’ve all woken up with inexplicable back pain in the mornings. One probable cause for that is bad posture adopted during the day or simply a poor sleeping position.

Understanding what good posture is can help us wake up feeling pain free and energised for the day.

Less headaches and tension in the shoulder and neck

Hours of hunched backs while staring at our screens are a well-known cause of tension in our shoulders and necks. This tension further leads to headaches as we feel the strain from our muscles.

Sometimes a hard, fast adjustment may be a quick solution, but long-term treatment is a must!

Improved mood

Who doesn’t think being pain-free and energetic won’t result in a good mood?

Better digestion and breathing

When the spine becomes hunched, we inadvertently compress our organs.

This can lead to digestive problems as things can’t flow as smooth as they should, and our lung capacity is reduced due to the lessening of space for it to expand.

How Can A Chiropractor Help With Bad Posture?

The good news is bad posture can be fixed with the help of a professional chiropractor.

First, you should understand that a chiropractor’s primary treatment method is through adjustment of the musculoskeletal system with a focus on our spines.

They then follow up with additional, holistic treatments such as massage, rehabilitation exercises, and advice for long term recovery.

From hunched backs to uneven hips, from head posture to serious conditions like scoliosis, these doctors are the go-to solution for all things related to the skeleton.

In general, chiropractors fix bad posture by:

    1. Analysing your lifestyle
      Every chiro begins treatment by finding out more about you: What you do daily, how long you sleep, your exercise habits, and even your diet can be useful information for developing the right treatment.
    2. Physical examination
      A physical examination identifies much more than “bad posture”. Chiropractors will take measurements of how you stand, how you sit, your mobility, flexibility, and strength, and many other elements to make an accurate diagnosis of the true root of your posture problems.
      The best chiropractors even use instrumentation like lasers and X-rays to the most accurate physical profiles!
    3. Skeletal adjustment
      Once measurements and analysis is performed, chiropractors may begin treatment with their signature method of fast, pinpointed force at appropriate areas of the body to realign the skeleton to its natural shape.
      The key to feeling safe and secure in these sometimes-scary procedures is by consulting experienced doctors who can explain their treatments in detail. Some doctors may also use tools and equipment to facilitate effective treatments.
    4. Soft tissue balancing
      Chiro treatments aren’t limited to the skeleton: muscle therapy like massages and stretching are often employed in conjunction with skeletal adjustments as complementary treatments.
      This is especially true if the muscles are stiff from extended times spent in poor posture.
    5. Post-treatment rehab
      After the immediate treatments above are complete, chiropractors often prescribe exercises, stretches, and advice for the patient to do at home.While long and sometimes arduous, this “prescription” can effectively fix bad posture or at least minimise the pains associated with it in the long run.

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