How Does Chiropractic Adjustment Work?

A chiropractor performing chiropractic adjustment on a patient

Many of us have heard (or felt!) the telltale crack and pop of joints in our bodies. In fact, some of you may have even watched videos where a chiropractor adjusts a person’s body on YouTube or Facebook.

If you are curious about how this cracking happens and why chiro is a valid treatment, keep reading.

What Is Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic Adjustment is a drug and surgery free treatment for the management and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

In simpler terms, Chiropractic Adjustment fixes your spinal function by stimulating movement in the spinal joints.

Why Chiropractic Adjustment Works

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not the bone itself that is causing the pain – it’s your nervous system being out of whack by a misaligned or unmoving spine that is sending pain signals to the brain.

It’s like when you sit in an awkward position for too long; eventually your bottom becomes numb and screams at you to get some blood flowing into it!

That crack and pop sound from chiropractic treatment is akin to blood flowing back into a numb limb: The sound is known as cavitation, a release of gas in the joint caused by sudden movement.

It is NOT the bone itself cracking. Cavitation signals the nervous system that the joint has moved, causing the pain signals to stop.

The key to successful treatment is to move the spine in a controlled, fast movement. Chiropractors use their hands to perform these movements and may use specialized devices to facilitate treatment.

Remember: Chiropractors don’t shift bones around – they release the gasses trapped in your joints and restore them to their natural state.

How Michael and David Black Perform Chiropractic Adjustment

Trained chiropractors Michael and David Black are well versed in spinal ailments: 36 years of experience forms a solid foundation of knowledge that is used in their treatments.

  1. They know that you may be nervous about your first chiropractic experience and will greet you with warmth and care.
  2. After registering all your details and understanding your medical history, you will get a thorough examination and undergo a series of tests to get to the root of your problem.
  3. You may need to get x-rays for an in-depth look at your bones. A complete picture speaks a thousand words.
  4. If the assessment determines that chiropractic treatment is the solution, you will be told all the risks and alternatives to be informed of your choices.
  5. Once you have all the information, treatment can begin!

When it comes to treatments, we offer two methods:

  • Symptomatic care is a targeted, intense treatment that seeks to fix your problem ASAP.
  • Corrective care fixes long-term bad habits that lead to pain, such as poor posture or seating positions.

You will be informed of the best treatments for your case. Interested in getting your back pain checked out?

Contact us or give us a call at (03) 9509 7691. We’d be happy to answer any questions!