Working From Home – Working For You

Working From Home

At Black Chiropractic we’ve seen an uptick in back and neck pain cases. Many of our patients report haven’t having many or any such pain conditions in the past. We believe it’s due to the new trend in Working From Home (WFH).

Why is Working From Home contributing to pain complaints?

Workplaces often have ergonomic standards which they adhere to to ensure employees are experiencing minimal postural strain. As workers have been forced to WFH, it’s resulting in them making do with poor set ups.

Employees are forced into small work-spaces, uncomfortable chairs and inefficient ergonomic set ups. Many are working from their dining room table or kitchen bench. If you couple this with work related psychological stress and our drastically changed lifestyle, it’s a recipe for musculoskeletal pain.

What can we do?

  1. Assess your workplace ergonomics and modify them if necessary: Ensure your screen is at eye level, your hips are slightly higher than your knees and your feet a flat on the ground.
  2. Sit with as little tension as possible: Are you slumping, protruding your head or hiking your shoulders? Try to sit with as little effort as possible. Feel your spine elongate and shoulders relax.
  3. Regular breaks: The next posture is the best posture. Get up every 30 minutes of sitting, grab a glass or water or simply walk around the house. Take a longer break every 2 -3 hours if possible.
  4. Invest in a standing desk: Employers often supply a standing desk as a work related expense. These allow you to bring your computer screen high enough so you can stand while you work or collapse them so you can sit and work. Another tactic to change posture frequently.


If you’re experiencing persistent pain or are unable to find relief, please contact you local chiropractor. Dr. Michael Black and Dr. Michael Cocozziello serve the Manningham and Stonnington community. Please call on (03) 9509 7691.