Why Do We Get Back Pain?

Dr Michael Cocozziello helps back pain with chiropractic care at Armadale and Doncaster

Back pain is one of the most common pain complaints in the healthcare setting and is one of the most common causes of lost work hours. It can often present itself as a sharp, dull or aching pain localised to the back itself or you may feel referred pain into the buttocks and even the foot. Patients often experience pins and needles, sciatica and stiffness too.

What are the common causes of back pain?

A multitude of factors can cause back pain such as disc bulges, muscle strain and ligamentous sprain. Other bodily issues can also cause it such as flat feet or even hip stiffness. It typically affects laborious occupations and sportsmen who undergo repetitive flexion movements in their spine but can also be caused by excessive sitting (office workers, students).

How is it treated?

Back pain can respond to a variety of therapies including chiropractic spinal manipulation, tissue-specific treatments (trigger point therapy, dry needling) and specific rehabilitative exercise aimed at restoring normal function.

What treatments do we offer for back pain?

At Michael & David Black Chiropractic Group, Dr. Michael Black offers spinal manipulation (spinal adjustments), trigger point therapy, dry needling and rehabilitative exercise. In his experience, specific pain complaints require specific treatments to get the best results. An initial consultation includes a health history, physical examination, report of findings and customising the right care for your needs. Dr. Michael Black practices at Doncaster and Armadale and is available to see new patients.