Is there a quick fix for weight loss & healthy living?

Healthy living with better nutrition and choices

A lot of young people are going through burnouts and being overwhelmed. Although they know they want to live healthy, their busy schedule is a major obstacle to achieve this goal. These young people are busy working, earning money and socialising without the time to take care of themselves. They want to live healthy, lose weight and regain their energies but are looking for quick fixes due to lack of time.

Let’s talk reality, Do you think that the health issues anyone suffers have just emerged out of nowhere? Is it that one fine day, he is detected with something that needs a doctor’s intervention? The answer is NO!

You reach burnouts over a period of time. Any disease manifestations in the body are because we do not listen to it. The body mechanism and immune system tries its best to keep you safe and they do, when we undergo occasional experiences of stress. However, our bodies are not meant to be under chronic stress. When under constant physical, emotional or mental stress, the body gives up and the immune system can crash leading to burnouts and various lifestyle diseases.

Medicines are a great option for quick fixes. However, they do not dive deep into the root cause of your health problem. They are topical and not sustainable solutions.

Meghna Joshi Wellness CoachIll-health, weight gain and fatigue are the result of numerous unhealthy lifestyle choices made over a few years. These can be reversed or managed with healthy lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes work on your body as a whole and help you heal from the root cause. Everybody is different and hence people with the same health problem can have different root causes.

Let me give you an example: 2 people having issues with losing weight can have 2 completely different reasons for weight gain. The first one might be gaining weight due to lack of physical activity and unhealthy diet, while the second one might be suffering from hypothyroid or PCOS.

As a quick fix solution, they might head for meal replacement diets or carb breaking supplements to lose weight and they would succeed as well. However, when they stop taking these supplements, they would start regaining all the weight they lost or maybe even more. Their body functioning is now dependent on external factors to do its own work.

It is important to understand that our body has its own pharmacy, which when provided with a healthy environment – food, physical activity, attitude and lifestyle can heal itself.

Make healthy lifestyle changes to lose weight, regain your energy and live a healthy life!

Meghna Joshi Health & Wellness CoachAbout the author: Meghna Joshi helps empower women struggling with lack of self-love due to weight gain, fatigue and being overwhelmed to live healthy, lose weight, regain their energies and organize themselves by super-charging their mindsets and developing healthier lifestyle habits.

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