Is Chiropractic Covered by Medicare?

Chiropractic Medicare EPC plans

It’s becoming an increasingly common question. “Does Medicare cover chiropractic?” Patients frequently ask us and we’re always letting them know about Medicare EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) plans that your GP can write for you allowing you up to five bulk-billed chiropractic visits each calendar year. That means “full paid for” as we don’t charge a gap between our normal fee and the Medicare rebate.

The plan can save you as much as $260 but very few patients know about the arrangement or how to obtain the plan. There are eligibility conditions and you must have a chronic condition of more than six months duration, as well as having a Medicare card. If you have been suffering or will suffer from a condition for longer than 6 months, or have numerous health issues, then you qualify for the EPC programme.

You need to decide if you are going to use your Medicare rebate or your private health insurance, as you can not claim from both for the same consultation. Once you have claimed all your Medicare rebates from us, you can then claim any further consultations with us through your private health insurance.

You are entitled to 5 Medicare rebates in total each year providing your GP lodges the correct paperwork with Medicare. If your GP does not refer you or lodge the correct paperwork, then you will not be eligible to claim any treatments. If you have used these visits for another type of health care, you have used up your quota in that year. We can check with Medicare if you don’t know.

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