What is cervicogenic headache?

A cervicogenic headache is caused by pain referral from the upper neck area. It is often misdiagnosed and can have symptoms similar to other forms of headaches. It’s sometimes causes a tension headache and can even mimic migraine. The location of the pain may be a clue but it can refer to the head and confuse the investigation.

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What are the symptoms?

  • Pain on one side of the head
  • Worsens with neck movement
  • Decreased range of motion and neck stiffness

Who does it affect?

Cervicogenic headaches account for 1% – 4% of headache sufferers and affect females just as much as males. Occupations which involve lots of sitting are commonly affected such as office workers, dentists and receptionists.

How is it managed?

Conservative therapy (spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation) which chiropractors provide are considered first-line treatments.

Dr. Michael Black will complete a thorough assessment of your pain complaint and will aim to rule out other causes of your headache. He is available for consultation in the Doncaster and Armadale areas.

Private health funds cover chiropractic care and some patients qualify for a Medicare EPC referral if they have a long-standing problem. Chiropractic care has been seen to relieve headache pain for many people without the common side effects of taking drugs. If in doubt about your headache, don’t hesitate to get a chiropractic opinion.