Choosing a Chiropractor

Choosing a chiropractor

Dr Michael Black is a chiropractor in High St Doncaster, MelbourneA common question I read and sometimes receive on the phone is “How do I choose a chiropractor?” We thought we’d toss in a few ideas you might care to include in your selection process though I’m not sure you would necessarily narrow it down from a group.

In Australia rigorous registration board and process ensure that only fully qualified practitioners may use the title so you know anyone with the title of chiropractor has graduated and been registered. You can go to the AHPRA website and key in a name to do your background checking.

Assuming all that being equal, what are the criteria you wish to consider?

  1. Try to get a referral or recommendation by someone who has attended the chiropractor. Friends, neighbours, family, and especially your primary medical doctor may recommend a chiropractor. A story of a personal experience is generally reliable although you may have a very different condition or need. Gaining an idea of the doctor’s bedside manner is important and ask what the staff and overall experience was like.
  2. Your private health insurer may have a list of local providers that have an agreement to limit their fees saving you money. It’s no indication of their ability but we find many patients are seeking an economical way to obtain care using their current policy. We’re BUPA Members First providers so we see many BUPA clients.
  3. Visit the doctor’s website. Most are informative and may give you some background history. There may be information about the condition your seeking help with. Find out if the chiropractor has a special interest in conditions or symptoms that you are experiencing. It may be that there is a niche interest in sports, children, injuries or exercise.
  4. How long has the chiropractor been practicing? You can’t go beyond sheer years of experience!
  5. You may require certain facilities such has disabled access, a ramp or parking. Maybe you need public transport access close by? Maybe you’re after a doctor who uses a special technique?
  6. Once you meet the chiropractor, your gut and instinct will tell you if you’re in the right place. Caring attention, patience and empathy are what you need. If you feel rushed to make decisions it’s may not be right for you.
  7. Passion and enthusiasm on the doctor’s part may be what you need to get you involved and active with your care. If you think they’re a bit tired and past looking after your needs, you might be right. We believe in practicing what you preach. We would only recommend something we do ourselves or have personally seen benefiting our patients, such as exercise, meditation, music, yoga or swimming.