Chiro Vs Osteo

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A short while back, we talked about how chiro is different from physio, and which you should pick.
This week we’ll be comparing another similar yet different method of getting pain relief from treating our bodies: Osteopathy!

Chiro Vs Osteo – What’s the same?

Considering what each practice does, it should come as no surprise that these two medical paths share many similarities between each other:

  • Practitioners undergo years of education and require a license to operate
  • Both are trusted medical disciplines
  • They don’t use surgery to fix issues
  • Doesn’t rely on drugs as the primary treatment option
  • Feature end goals of pain relief and restoration of body’s natural state

In general, osteo and chiro both offer treatments for conditions that affect the body, such as massaging of soft tissue, rehabilitative exercises to increase flexibility, and sharp movements to adjust the skeletal system.

Wikipedia says that osteopathy deals with the physical manipulation of muscle tissue and bone, whereas chiropractic treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system. They sound the same, but there are differences!

Chiro Vs Osteo – What’s different?

The biggest difference between chiro and osteo is that osteo takes a more holistic approach to problems, whereas chiro is more focused on the joints and spine.

What does this mean exactly?

A holistic approach means that osteos will do their best to identify any and all potential sources for pain. This could involve:

  • diet,
  • lifestyle, and
  • habit analysis

with treatment options spanning all these factors. Conditions that stem from immune system or hormonal imbalances would benefit from osteos versus chiros.

Chiro on the other hand takes a more hands-on and specialist approach, diagnosing the skeleton and applying high-velocity, controlled movements for adjustments. They may also advise on lifestyle changes and rehabilitative exercise, but the focus is on the adjustments.

Chiro Vs Osteo – Which should I pick?

As in our article before, it really depends on what your specific problem is.

Without any diagnosis, seeing an osteo first may be a good option to gain a broader understanding of potential causes and treatments. Some conditions can be traced to immune or hormone disorders, and osteos would be better at treating those.

With an easily identifiable pain source – for example, you feel the problem is in the spine or joint – seeing a chiro may provide faster relief. We’re talking about fast, controlled movements as a treatment option after all. The specialized tools chiros have will also potentially increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.

As with any medical issue, it’s good to have as much information as possible to understand your options. We would of course recommend you explore both disciplines before deciding. Doctoring is an art, and having a few artists work on your problem will give you the best chance at solving it!

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