5 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Bulge Off

Avoid weight gain this summer

5 ways to keep your holiday bulge offChristmas is around the corner! It is definitely a time for celebration. Kids are wrapping up the last term of school, parents are preparing for their Christmas break at work and grand-parents are waiting to reunite for their celebrations with the family.

Generally, family get-togethers and holidays are the time when we fall off our health wagon, eat and drink everything that is on the table and take a break from exercising!

There is no routine, no rush and no worry! It is a FESTIVE SEASON – time to LET LOSE! For many, holidays are a reason to INDULGE!

Is this the right approach? All of a sudden your body has to let in things it is not used to, the christmas puddings, turkey, drinks, mince pies and the gingerbreads. I do believe that you should eat and do what you like.

When you deprive yourself from the things you like, they have a negative effect on your mind and body. It triggers stress hormones resulting in bodily manifestation of lifestyle diseases. When I talk about this, most of my clients ask me “How can you eat everything and lose weight?”

The golden one word answer to this question is “BALANCE”. Let’s look at a few strategies for the holiday season which will help you take mindful decisions to at least break even on your weighing scale.

1. Christmas is about getting together with your family and spending time with them. Having too much to eat and drink during festivals and holidays is an association that we have formed over time. You can have a great holiday without indulging in too much junk.

2. Set yourself realistic expectations. You know you love Christmas pudding, you know it contains sugar, you know it is bad for your health IF over consumed. But if you eat in moderation along with other healthy food, you can enjoy it without guilt.

Meghna Joshi Health & Wellness Coach in Armadale3. Get off your routine exercise, and try something new and exciting during holidays – get actively involved in playing sports with kids, swimming, biking and doing some home workouts. Holidays are the best time to have family
workout sessions with some great music.

4. Try to have pre- meal salads which will not only provide you with nutrition but also keep you full for longer avoiding too many cravings.

5. It is necessary to keep yourself hydrated even during the holidays. Always carry a bottle of water with you. Dehydration increases your cravings, tempting you towards unhealthy food leading to weight gain. Surprisingly, Christmas holiday is also the time when people come up with their new year’s health resolutions to lose weight, eat healthy, quit drinking and take things easy.

Being healthy is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It continues forever. Small stints of dietary changes can help you lose weight temporarily. But lifestyle changes will help you keep it off forever! This Christmas give yourself a special gift of Healthy Lifestyle!

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